Innovative foodservice equipment solutions since 1955.

Alto-Shaam, Inc. was born of remarkable innovation that has since advanced the foodservice industry. Since revolutionizing heated holding in 1968 with the invention of Halo Heat®, Alto-Shaam has continuously responded to industry needs to ensure that all foodservice providers have access to high-quality cooking equipment.

With a core business in primary cooking equipment, Alto-Shaam offers an expanded, award-winning product portfolio that includes the new self-cleaning rotisserie oven, cutting edge Vector® Multi-Cook Oven, Combitherm® oven, Halo Heat® cook & hold oven, smoker oven, heated holding, heated display and merchandising solutions, QuickChiller™ rapid chill units, convection ovens, and drop-in hot and cold wells. Alto-Shaam is also the industry leader in providing integrated food production systems for cook/chill, banqueting and rethermalization applications.

Brands: Self-cleaning rotisserie oven, Vector Multi-Cook Oven, Combitherm oven, cook & hold oven, smoker oven, heated holding, heated display, merchandising solutions, QuickChiller, drop-in hot and cold wells