For 50 years, Kitchen Brains has globally helped restaurants deliver hot, fresh, available food.

Its leading-edge timing and control devices are deployed individually and in unison. They integrate wirelessly across all equipment, powered by SaaS apps solely built for the Smart Commercial Kitchen®. Labor and training costs are lowered, while the highest standards for food safety and product quality are met. Management has seamless accessibility to Key Performance Indicators, with cloud-based dashboards and control from anywhere with our Genius Suite IoT applications.

In essence, Kitchen Brains® leverages and monetizes all of the restaurants’ human and physical assets to increase profits and revenues, enhance customer loyalty and provide a powerful competitive advantage. Most importantly, it raises the bar on the customer experience. A stellar client roster includes the top restaurant brands in the world.

Product offerings include: FAST timers and computers, Fast Controllers, Refrigeration Monitoring, Appliance Upgrade Kits, and an array of fully integrated kitchen management solutions bundled in its smart supporting software KB360

Brands: BBTimers, FAST, Modularm KB360, QPM, FSM, SPM